Therapeutic Massage for Optimal Health



Monday 1pm-9pm
Tuesday 2pm-9pm
Thursday 2pm-9pm
Friday 1pm-8pm


All sessions are by appointment only. Please allow 36 hours for cancellations.


Inquire by email for specific availability, or SCHEDULE NOW.

Payment is by cash, Paypal, Stripe, Visa or Mastercard at the time of service. Please note I am no longer working with clients on an insurance-pay basis.

Print your intake form in advance to save time in the office: Health Intake Form

Therapeutic Massage

A relaxing and pain-relieving therapeutic massage session incorporating deep tissue, circulatory, myofascial and lymphatic techniques attuned to the client’s individual needs and preferences.

60 Minute Session $85

90 Minute Session $125

120 Minute Session $165

Gratuity Policy

Gratuities are welcomed and greatly appreciated, but never expected. I keep my rates at the lower end of the scale for my skill and experience level to keep massage therapy accessible to all.  I think of gratuities as a self-guided sliding scale over and above that base rate. Is the base rate already hard to manage? Don’t worry about tipping. Able to pay a little more? Please do. It will help keep me on Capitol Hill and available to help people of all income levels.